Kiersten Adkins headshot imageIt’s been four years since I arrived at Pathway To Hope and took over as the Executive Director. Following the Founder in the Executive Director role can be a bit intimidating. There are ideas and dreams that existed before you arrived. A culture had been created and shaped by the personality of the initial visionary. Thankfully, I felt well encourage by Dick and Sharon and really supported by the long time donors and volunteers. This encouragement gave the the confidence to ask some Start with Whyquestions about what we were doing here.

Somewhere in early 2014, I was introduced to Simon Sinek, author and leadership coach, and I found his now infamous video, Start With Why. He had an amazing way of boiling down actions to their common denominators, belief & passion. Perhaps you’ve seen his drawing that explains why we start with why. It’s good for people to know what and how we do what we do, but most passions are shared at the core…where our WHY is formed.

So…four years ago I asked the stakeholders and reviewed the history of the organization and found that the collective WHY behind the mission was:

Because no one should face mental illness alone. 

It’s a big driver, but no small undertaking! We know for sure that it’s an effort we make together! While we share this collective why, the reality is that we each hold our own passion for engaging in the work of mental health and for specifically supporting Pathway To Hope. Over the course of this year, we want to hear more about YOUR why and we’ve created a social media campaign to tell our stories and raise awareness.

Here’s what we want you to do:
#ThisIsMyWhy Instructions

  • Think about why this is important to you then take a selfie with a sign telling your social media audience your why. Your picture could be of you holding a sign with a handwritten message, you doing something that demonstrates your why, OR you with others around you – we just want you to demonstrate YOUR WHY!
  • Upload your picture to your favorite social media channels, using #ThisIsMyWhy and tag Pathway to Hope.
  • Here’s how you tag us:

We’re looking forward to seeing your stories on social media! Later this year we will do a video collage for our annual Gala and we hope to have you be a part of the program!

Here are some examples

#ThisIsMyWhy Words #ThisIsMyWhy Person









Our 2018-19 Strategic Vision is to inspire a community that actively connects with and supports individuals and families facing mental illness. Join us is spreading the message and being a part of the inspiration! #ThisIsMyWhy

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead