Mariah Carey reacts to the media during red carpet interviews at the 82nd Academy Awards March 7, 2010 in Hollywood.

It wasn’t so long ago that Mariah Carey was on stage and not giving the performance of her life. I watched her get roasted on social media as thoughts, opinions and even jeers swarmed the video posting of her not-so-engaged stage presence. I was sad. Not just in seeing what seemed like a falling star, but because of how hateful we can be when we don’t get what we expect.

This week she told People Magazine about her struggle with Bipolar Disorder II. Her goal? Reduce the stigma around getting treatment and reducing the loneliness associated with these diagnosis!

We applaud you and the courage you’re showing Mariah! You’re right, it doesn’t have to control or define you! Keep your head up girl! You’ve got the world stage and we’re grateful you’re using your voice to encourage those who often can’t find theirs!


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