Long_Path2Jenny had a bright future ahead of her. But at the age of 22, she started her roller coaster struggle with mental illness. For three years, her family devoted immeasurable time and resources to help her. At the point when they did not know where to turn, they discovered Pathway To Hope. Jenny suffered serious ups and downs, but they were never alone – Pathway To Hope was there. Today, 10 years later, Jenny is predominantly independent, and serves on the Board of Directors of Pathway To Hope. 


, who came to Pathway To Hope from Pennsylvania in 2008, recently graduated with honors from the University of Kansas Edwards Campus, where he received his master’s degree. Zach, who now is studying for his doctorate with a focus on Asperger’s Syndrome, chooses to live at Blake House. Living there, he says, provides security and the assistance he needs– Zach had a history of Asperger’s Spectrum Disorders, but with guidance and a strong will, he manages his mental health issues, and now wants to help others with similar difficulties.

Jenny, Zach and numerous others and their families have been able to change their lives because of education, support and advocacy offered by Pathway To Hope — giving hope where there once was none.

Other Thoughts on Pathway To Hope

“The most important piece of the puzzle is my meds. Without the meds, I am a frightened, confused person.  With the meds, I’m someone’s full-time employee and living on my own.”


“Pathway To Hope allows me to connect with other individuals who share similar strengths and struggles.”


“I always feel better when I leave group. I know there are people that truly care.I am able to share my mental health concerns with people in my same position.”


“Sharing and fellowship with those who can relate to the highs and lows of my days and nights”


“I like listening to people who have been through some of the same things I have,  I have learned more about mental illness and treatments.”


“I come to group to be grounded.  Like a plane, sometimes I’ve been up too long need to land. Pathway To Hope is a safe landing strip.”


“I come here because it helps to see others who have similar diagnosis and are dealing with problems in healthy ways and/or getting advice from the people around them.”


“I love everyone in the group! A place to go where I can be myself, express my feelings and process problems, I don’t feel judged harshly.”