save_labels_for_cashPathway To Hope Best Choice Save-A-Label Press Release

March 2012

“We’ve found a new and easy way to support your favorite non-profit and it involves eating. How can it get any better than that,” said Sharon Lawrenz, executive director of Pathway To Hope. “We’ve joined the Best Choice brand Save-A-Label program and we’re really excited.”

It’s really simple. Just shop for your favorite groceries and choose from over 2,700 Best Choice products throughout the store. Save all of the UPC’s (proof of purchase) with the bar code and the Best Choice name printed on the labels and send them or drop them by Pathway To Hope office to help us easn money that is used to support our work. We can earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPCs sent in.

That’s all there is to it! You buy quality Best Choice food. household and health & beauty products (which you probably do already) at your favorite grocery store, save money over comparable national brands and help us to earn money to further our work with those affected by mental illness. You get is the UPCs and we’ll do the rest.

“Our goal is always to find easy ways for people to help provide resources and support to those with mental illness. This is the easiest yet. Bring in those labels,” said Lawrenz.

If you have any questions call is at 913-397-8552