…and let’s say that I happened to know that she lives with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Let’s say that because Pathway To Hope believes that compassion and presence is valuable, when one of our regular participants found Allies crying and screaming out of control she knew she was in over her head. So, she called the office.

Allie felt like someone was trying to kill her or make her kill herself and she was sobbing out of control. We listened, and listened, and listed some more. Half of what we heard didn’t make sense, but we kept listening for what might be triggering this distress. Because we listened we found the event that caused this distress to escalate. Allie was remembering that her husband had left her for another woman and she was grieving that loss. Her heart is broken and it’s just like it’s happening to her today. We listened, we comforted, we never questioned the reality that was pressing into her disordered mind. After nearly an hour Allie was able to breathe. She thanked us for our attention and for listening.

Was a life saved today? I think so. Because good people care enough to make sure that there’s someone there to listen, to understand thought disorder and to care enough to connect the trauma dots in a very broken brain.

If someone you now is suffering – you can learn to be a support through our E3: Encourage•Empower•Educate course and find support at our support group!