It’s a common call. A mother reaching out for resources. Her child might be a son or daughter. They could be a minor or an adult. It doesn’t really matter, when your child is hurting, you’ll do just about anything to help them resolve it.

That’s the problem with persistent and severe mental illness. “Solving it” can seem nearly impossible. Our callers often know that, but they’re looking for a lifeline. A kind voice on the other end that offers them strength and hope to go on. We might start by reviewing the resources she’s found and explore what else is available. Before the end of the call, we’re going to turn the conversation to how she’s caring for herself. Too often, she’s sacrificing her own well being as she fights courageously this villain, mental illness, that threatens to take the one she so desperately loves.

What happens when a mother gets tired of the battle that feels never-ending? When a family gives up? It’s not a reality we want to face at Pathway To Hope. The need is great and we’re committed to meeting it one person at a time.

Encouragement can be valuable and education quite useful. Feeling empowered when you think you’re at the end of your rope…that’s priceless!

Thank you for supporting this work. Your contribution is the lifeline! What impact will your donation have?